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PF30-24L Shallow insert for metal frames with internal wires.

Kogel Bearings
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This bottom bracket is our PF30-24, but with a shallower insert depth. The original PF30-24 was designed to make a rock solid connection between the frame and crank set. Due to the almost 1 inch deep contact area with the frame, it covers the openings inside the BB shell on some frames. Typically the chain stay hole on steel and titanium frames. A real bummer if you're trying to route a Di2 wire internally. For these frames we have designed the PF30-24L, same thing minus the insert guide and a few mm of contact area.

This bottom bracket fits all 24mm crank spindles and comes with a GXP reducer in the box for Sram.

Choose road bearings for road bikes, cross bearings for mountain bikes and cyclocross.


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