Oversized is Better

Here's what makes Kogel pulleys awesome:

  • Larger pulleys reduce chain deflection...a fancy way of saying "lower friction".
  • Larger pulleys mean slower rotating bearings...yet another way of saying "lower friction".
  • Standard “cross” seals for optimal balance of durability and ceramic efficiency
  • Optional “road” seals for even better efficiency.
  • Our full ceramic ‘Not for Instagram’ bearings for the ultimate low friction free spinning experience.
  • Oversized pulleys. We have determined the highest tooth count that will fit on your stock cage, because size matters.
  • Easy to install on your existing derailleur cage.
  • Bomb-Proof stiffness for snappy shifting.
  • Made with high-quality materials designed to perform and resist wear
    • 7075 Aluminum for longer life than stock plastic pulleys
    • Top-tier grade 3 ceramic balls for the best ball quality you can get.
    • ABEC 5 bearing tolerance.
    • Hardened steel races that won’t deform over time.
  • Covered by Kogel’s two-year, “Guaranteed Performance Warranty” on the bearings.
  • They are built to last and guaranteed for multiple riding seasons when properly maintained.


Why Upgrade or Replace your derailleur pulleys?

Your current pulleys might be worn to the bone, or you might be looking for next level performance. There is no denying that derailleur pulleys play a big role in how well a drive train function.

Stock pulleys on most derailleurs are made of plastic, which makes them susceptible to flex and premature wear. Upgrading to Kogel oversized ceramic pulleys will reduce drive train friction, improve shifting accuracy and save you from making trips to the shop to replace worn out pulleys.


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