• 2-year “Guaranteed Performance Warranty” on the cages.
  • Design offering low friction AND shifting accuracy.
  • Long-tooth profile on the lower pulley for better chain retention.
  • Chain catcher on the lower pulley to prevent chain jams.
  • On-road and off-road compatibility.
  • SS (short) cage and GS (medium) cage fit and easy installation right out of the box.
  • Reduced drag associated with clutch derailleurs and 1x setups

Bigger IS better…

Apart from looking cool, there is scientific reasoning as to why oversized derailleur pulleys are all the rage nowadays. Big derailleur pulleys cause less deflection in the chain and slower rotations in the bearings. 

Both, larger pulley wheels and slower bearing rotations, lead to less friction and a more efficient power transfer between legs and wheels.

It’s basic physics… Through sharp corners, you ride slower and through wider corners, you ride faster. Well, it’s the same concept for your chain. It flows faster and smoother around larger pulley’s and slower around smaller ones as found in stock cages.


Kogel Kolossos offers a KOLOSSAL performance…

Kogel’s goal was to build a cage so stiff that it holds the chain like a stock cage, while offering all the benefits of low drag oversized pulleys. 

Kolossos is 3x stiffer than the main competitor product and 2x stiffer compared to the original pulley cage on your derailleur.


Kogel Oversized Derailleur Cages are:

  • Built to offer low friction while maintaining shifting accuracy.
  • Built for road as well as off-road use, we are not here to restrict your adventures.
  • Engineered with a long-tooth profile on the lower pulley for better chain retention.


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