Why upgrade your bottom bracket?

Even new bikes with high-end drivetrains can, and usually do, ship with bottom brackets using subpar bearings and plastic cups.

Even if perfectly maintained, those steel bearings just won’t roll as efficiently as Kogel’s high-quality ceramic bearings.


Kogel bottom brackets feature:

  • Kogel’ “Guaranteed Performance Warranty”, so you can feel confident and secure about your next two seasons of riding.
  • Optional “road” seals for even better efficiency.
  • Standard “cross” seals for optimal balance of durability and ceramic efficiency.
  • Pain-free installation for any crank, any frame, with no adapters required.
  • BB Boost® technology. Placing the bearings as close to the crank arms as possible for increased stiffness and durability.
  • Serviceable bearings and seal kits so you can easily access and service your bottom bracket.
  • Bottom bracket cups that cover the internal side of the bearings to protect them from damage during removal.
  • Top-tier grade 3 ceramic balls for the best ball quality you can get.
  • ABEC 5 bearing tolerance.
  • Hardened steel races that won’t deform over time.
  • Races polished to a mirror finish to guarantee the balls run on a smooth surface.


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