True Braking Power!

AMP Brake Pads are offered in two compounds :

1) Organic: These bed in nice and quickly and are suitable for softer, everyday riding in normal conditions.

2) Ceramic: These offer the ULTIMATE performance! Extreme braking power with excellent vibration dissipation. They are perfect for long runs and suit the need for powerful braking. They are recommended for hard riding, wet conditions and e-bikes.

AMP Characteristics:

- Better heat flow: ride faster and harder without any overheating of the system.

- Better vibration dampening properties: Ride in silence!

**Our pads with the ceramic compound are even quieter! 

- AMP brake pads are 25% lighter than traditional pads.

**Shimano XT/XTR/SLX: 15,5g

**Shimano XTR M9000: 13,7g

**SRAM Level: 13,9g


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